Track Trace RFID

> Track the cattle on the farm. Alarms go off when the livestock reach the border. The accuracy of the location is within 10 feet. The rustlers are usually the farm for 30 minutes. With new rustling techniques the time is down to15 minutes. The operating system begins with RFID chips embedded in cattle ears. These chips send location identification signals to RFID readers. These readers are hidden. Video cameras are hidden. They record field movements transmit data to the cloud. Data from the RFID readers isw also. The monitoring software grabs the data and video from the cloud and moves it to the tracking website. Where field views unsolicited parties. Cattle movements are tracked for aberrations. Call 571-419-8495 or Email to have a free discussion with an engineer. Track Trace RFID

Food Safety Modernization | FDA Regulations


Food Safety News.

provides constant review. Food Safety News.

Current Events on Food Safety.

The Food Safety Act requires a monitor. This is the initial hardware. It is used for reefer trailers. Food Safety Regulations
    Food Safety Regulations
FDA sends alerts quite often.


The FDA also manages drug laws. The laws covering drugs are on the horizon. food Safety Regulations. The FDA requires a temperature sensors for reefer trailers. Food Safety Regulations - IARW We offer WIFI monitoring. This provides logistics.. These solutions offer monitoring of food. This solution improves the safety. It maintains delivery products at temperature. The hardware involved is a remote device in the trailer. A touch screen display device can be added. This offers real‐time food safety communication. 7 Principles of HACCP. HACCP Each trailer will require 3 sensors.
  • External reefer mount.
  • antenna.
  • WIFI sensor.
  • Inside chiller sensor.
  • rivets.
  • Food Safety News

    Track Trace GPS

      The CTT platform functions as a triple alert system: video, real time location, and long-range GPS. The first function of the triple alert system captures parties not authorized to enter the property. When alerted by visual inspection to property violations, central monitoring station alert the nearest police facility or State Patrol office to request immediate dispatch and arrest. GPS RFID Tracking provides greater range. RFID can cover an area the size of a square mile.

    Cattle Ear tag

    Cattle Ear Tag Applicator. Cattle Ear Tags Insecticide covers the RFID in the ear. Cattle Ear Tags Z Tags. Track Trace with RFID uses our RFID chip This system utilizes RTLS (Real Time Locating System). It is implemented for GPS ranch and farm tracking. Track Trace RFID

    What Is the RFID Chip

    Track Trace Livestock

    RFID Tracking System

    RFID Chip for cattle tracking

    Track Trace RFID

    cattle are tracked with RFID chip.

    Track Trace RFID

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    Track and Trace RFID

    Cattle theft without the RFID chip has been increasing for the past three years.

    RFID Chip for Cattle Tracking, the rancher can be notified of unusual movements of his herd.

    RFID Asset Tracking.

    The RFID chip is equipped with a tamper proof device. It alerts the rancher if someone is trying to remove the RFID Chip. RFID Tracking System

    The track and trace features are show on the screen. A boundary can be set to alarm if any RFID chip moves geo-fence.

    Track Trace RFID

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